Type 2 Firefighters


Outland Firefighters

  • Contract for 20 Type 2 Crews with in Ontario
  • Transportation to and from the fire.
  • Competitive Wage Rates (overtime after 8 hours each day).
  • Experienced, dependable Crew Bosses.
  • Excellent camp equipment supplied.
  • Excellent supply of personal gear on site at wholesale prices such as sleeping bags, rainsuits, personal safety gear and fire retardant suits. Items can be purchased as a payroll deduction. Outland fire fighters, therefore, can wait until an actual call to pick-up their gear. This saves Fire Fighters money if a fire call never happens.


 Qualifications of a Type 2 Fire Fighter 

Type 2 Fire Fighters have met the following requirements:

  • SP-100 Fire Fighter Training Course
  • or Type 2 Fire Fighter Annual Fire Training Maintenance Program OR SP-100 Recertification to maintain currency
  • Valid Standard First Aid Certificate
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Training
  • Any other relevant certifications (Chainsaw-Radio-TDG) that you may have taken

Outland Fire Crew

Fire Fighters who possess other employment make arrangements with their current employer so that if the call comes, their employers can make required staffing adjustments.

Once Outland receives a call for Fire Fighters, all requested personnel must be at the required location usually within 24 hours. Mobilization locations are typically FMH or Fire Basecamps. Depending on where the fire is, this location could be anywhere in Northern Ontario.

All Outland Fire Fighters will muster at various locations (which will be announced once the mobilization plan is developed). At these central locations, Outland will transport all Crews to the designated Fire Management Centre. 

For all Fire Fighting training and employment inquiries:


Email: fire@outland.ca



627 Squier Street
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7B 4A1

Phone: (807) 345 – 3534  Ext 228
Fax: (807) 346 – 4212